Do you sometimes interpret your partner’s words really negatively…and then kinda lose it? Maybe you just shut down, getting totally quiet. Or maybe you tend to share every negative thought that pops into your very upset mind...Either way, it feels really bad and wreaks...

Have you been ever been told you're "too sensitive", as if it's a bad thing? Have you been made to feel silly, or not good enough because you feel things deeply, take things seriously, get hurt easily, or care "too much"?

The word sensitive has a bad rap...or it used t...

Do you ever get wrapped up in what your partner is doing wrong, or what he isn't doing right? Does it get under your skin and upset you? I see this a lot in the work I do with clients. Women who are independent, smart, loving people-- who are wise and mature in so many...

You may ask yourself some version of the question, Why does my relationship feel so hard so often?

You may sometimes think it must just be chance, a privilege of the lucky to have a lasting loving relationship. 

That’s just your brain being lazy. Because a relationship t...

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November 13, 2019

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The 7 Most Powerful Phrases To Deepen Connection In Your Marriage

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