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  • Hannah

You Can Feel Great About Who You Are, No Matter What

If only the person you've chosen as your partner would love you how you want to be loved all the time...

Frustratingly, painfully, it doesn't usually work that way.

But, thankfully, you have much more say over how you feel, and the love you experience, than you may think.

In order to have a relationship full of connection, ease, fun, and passion --and less conflict and hurt-- you need a solid sense of self worth; to know deep down you are lovable.

You have the power to feel loved and valued. It's not in your partner's hands. You can feel great about who you are, no matter what.

Here, in the latest episode of Love Talks On A Walk, I share one powerful step you can take to build your sense of being valuable and deeply valued and transform your relationship in beautiful ways.

Listen below to the audio Prove Yourself Lovable.

If you got something out of this and want to hear more (including the episode I mentioned in this one), check out the rest of the Love Talks On A Walk With Hannah.

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