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2 Resources To Help You FEEL Better

Our emotions are everything when it comes to love.

If we often experience emotions like contentment, confidence, happiness, love, tenderness, and compassion, it's easier to have relationships that are harmonious. To attract love from our partner, and to give it effortlessly.

If, on the other hand, we most often feel anger, resentment, hurt, shame, guilt, grandiosity, fear, etc, we won't be able to create an environment of love and understanding in our relationships. It will be harder to feel loved.

Simple fact: when we don't feel great, we don't act great. Have you ever noticed that when negative feelings are strong relational intelligence is low?

I’ve certainly witnessed this in myself a lot.

Our actions and behaviors come directly out of how we feel-- especially in intimate relationships, and as sensitive women. The way we feel is reflected in our words, tone, the way we move…How well we receive others kindness, too, is determined by how we feel. We easily miss the love that is present when we are feeling angry or hurt.

As a sensitive girl, I don't always feel very good at his time of year. Especially around the holidays with all the hubbub and pressure, and the endless grey and dark…oh I am so prone to feeling dull and down right about now.

But instead of letting this feed any relationship drama, I’ve been spending more time lately soothing my charged emotions and drawing on my emotional management skills.

They help me to handle the hard times much more easily. To not feel bad that I feel bad. To ease the angst, to sooth the irritation.

If you don’t know how to handle and work with your feelings, life and love are hard --and often feel totally out of control. I remember what that was like. Really not fun.

But you can become confident in handling your negative and uncomfortable emotions. You can learn to work with them and experience them in a way that doesn’t make things harder for yourself or your loved ones…and even allow them to enhance and deepen your love and happiness.

So, to help you do so and kick off the New Year on a new foot, I’ve put together a couple "Feel-Better" resources for you. They will help you improve your emotional resilience skills, so you can start feeling confident in your ability to work with your emotions and experience more of the love and sweetness you really want in your life this year.

Feel-Better Resource # 1)

I’ve revamped the powerful process I gave you, 3 Essential Steps to a More Loving Relationship, Even When You Feel Irritable, Resentful or Disconnected. It’s my one of the go-to methods I use to shift my negative feelings and navigate upset in my relationship. I wanted it to be more practical and user friendly for you. If you've never downloaded it before grab it here (If you received an email about this, grab it from that link so you don't have to re-opt in!).

This new version is a practical method to feel more calm, supported, resourceful, and ready to handle any upset confidently and peacefully. Think of it as functional wisdom for easier interactions, more mutual understanding, empowered loving, deep self-understanding and better communication with your partner. Here's your updated version!

Feel-Better Resource # 2)

Listen to the most recent episode of Love Talks On A Walk With Hannah, Emotional Management 101 (For Sensitives), to take the very first step (or next step!) towards developing the essential skill of emotional management. Click below to play. ( Or here if no image displays)

Description: As HSPs we have a stronger need than others to have really good emotional management skills—since we feel things so strongly. You aren’t at the mercy of your negative emotions. You can learn how to experience them calmly, in ways that aren’t overwhelming, and even allow them to actually help you become a better happier human. Here we discuss the first step towards becoming an expert on your own emotions, and therefore having more control over the way you feel and act around your partner—and ultimately the way THEY feel and act around YOU, so you can move from disconnection and antagonism with your partner to a culture of love and support in your relationship.

For much more about handling emotions when it comes to love, check out more episodes of Love Talks On A Walk With Hannah.

I want you to have more ease with navigating the ups and downs of life and love as a sensitive deep-feeling human living in a challenging world. So try these 2 resources, spend some time applying them, and then share with us how it’s shifting things for you in the comments below.

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