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A Generous Love

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

There are certain feelings that are like gold when it comes to having a marriage you love. Because feelings are like fuel: they take us places!

Some feelings lead to spats, disconnection and negative cycles with our partner (resentment for example).

Others lead to lots of positive interactions and the creation of a culture of more and more love and connection with our husband. Generosity is one of these feelings. It is magic when it comes to love.

Unfortunately, without awareness, it can be so easy to totally unconsciously approach our marriages from the opposite of generosity (simply because we are human!), and therefore end up in a marriage that feels UNgenerous in love.

But the good news is that we don’t have to just wait for love-generating feelings to happen to us. We can choose them, cultivate them, lean into them. To our own benefit, and to the benefit of our marriage.

Today we do so with generosity. So you can have a marriage that generates more generosity for both of you.

In this episode I offer some mindset shifts to help you access this most love-inducing emotion, and make it easy to act it out in your marriage, so you can ultimately invite in more reciprocal generosity and GAIN a whole lot more of what you want to be experiencing in your marriage.

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