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A Tool No HSP Should Live — Or Love — Without

As HSPs, we can get emotionally overwhelmed, or “flooded," more quickly than others. One of the prime culprits? Loaded conversations or conflict with our partners (or kids, or relatives, or coworkers!).

I work with my clients in depth to help them feel safer and more at ease in such times, but until they are super good at staying grounded in situations that used to trigger intense emotions and overload, I teach them a key thing to do, so they can get back to navigating that conflict or charged moment with grace, sensitivity, effectiveness, and in a way they feel good about.

Today I want to introduce it to you. Because if you are a sensitive woman who wants to show up at your best and have the best relationship you can with your significant other, this is one tool (or simple skill) you must have in your toolbox and actually use! It can make or break a relationship, it is so powerful. And it will serve you in any situation that tends to spike your stress levels to a point that causes you to feel overwhelmed or like it’s just “too much”.

In this video, A Tool No HSP Should Live — or Love — Without (or What To Do When You're Emotionally Overloaded by Conflict or Stress), I break it down into 4 distinct simple steps. Watch it now:

Key to note: this is only effective if you actually use it. And although it can be uncomfortable at first to do, doing so is the BEST thing you can do for yourself and your relationship.

And — good news!! — you may not need to do it forever….Or you may use it less and less….I’ll tell you why and hint at how to get there yourself in this video!

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