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Being The Person You Want To Be In Your Marriage

Very often, as humans, we go about trying to improve our marriage backward: we're more focused on changing our partner than changing ourselves.

But focusing on him isn’t where you pack the most punch for actual change!

There is a more effective, easier, and more rewarding approach to improving your marriage, where you actually have powerful influence to have the loving, connected, supportive marriage you want with your husband.

It entails bringing your focus back to YOURSELF, by answering this essential question: “Who do I want to be in my relationship?”. And then centering your focus on becoming her.

This will get way better results in your marriage.

In this episode, we look at what it means to be who you want to be and WHY focusing on this is so effective when we want to improve our love lives.

I illustrate this with an example of a challenge in my own marriage and the difference in results I get when I'm focusing on my husband improving, versus stepping into being who I really want to be, instead.

Then I help you define for yourself who you want to be.

Creating this clear vision for yourself is essential in order to actually take that journey of becoming her. Once you take this step you will be on the way to truly making positive changes by leaps and bounds in your marriage.

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