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Curiosity, Communication, and Connecting

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

This is for you if you feel disconnected, irritated, or resentful towards your partner, or you don’t like who you become sometimes in your communications with him, or you experience a lot more conflict than you’d like –or you just want to create some freshness and more intimacy with your significant other (and inside yourself!)

Or feelings lead to so much of how we interact and are reacted to in our marriages. I think of them as the FUEL in our marriage.

Certain ones naturally lead to great interactions, while other ones tend to lead to interactions that go south.

The best news is that we can generate the ones that serve us in our marriages on purpose. And curiosity is one of the best ones of them all.

Curiosity is powerful in so many ways to make our marriage and lives better–especially when it comes to communicating and connecting with your partner.

It fuels great listening, great self and other-understanding, great problem solving –and makes you way less likely to get reactive, judgmental, or walled off from each other. And it helps us, ultimately, have more intimacy and deep love for the real person our husband is, in all his humanness.

  • Learn about the magic that curiosity offers you in your marriage when it comes to communication and connceting.

  • Hear stories of others powerful use of it,

  • Be empowered to start tapping into it yourself,

  • Learn exactly how to begin doing so, and the 3 steps to bring it directly into your marriage

  • And embark on the little challenge I offer you to make it a much more regular part of your life

– so your marriage can reap the huge rewards it brings.

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