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Feel Uncomfortable With Conflict In Your Relationship? This Is For You.

Conflict is a pretty common thing in marriage. And many of us are quite uncomfortable with it...Because, well, naturally, it's no fun.

It gets us feeling strong negative emotions. And feeling against the person we most want to feel close to. So it can feel threatening and scary.

But it doesn't have to be so bad. At this point, I've learned to navigate conflict with my husband so that it brings us closer together, instead of driving us further apart.

In this video I share with you one of steps I've taken that's helped me get there, so you can begin to navigate conflict so much easier, and:

  • Experience it like a little blip on you radar versus a big hurricane

  • Keep it from escalating and lasting long

  • Reduce the bad feelings so they don't linger and throw you off for days

  • Feel calmer so you can get back to relating respectfully, addressing the roots of the issue, coming up with solutions to move forward, and feeling close again.


Click below to watch:

Conflict doesn't have to be so intense and draining. Nor does any aspect of your relationship.

If you found this video helpful, there are 72 more like it to help you thrive in your relationship as a sensitive person over in my Facebook group, Better Love For Sensitive Women. Come join us, and get access to all those videos, plus a whole lot more, here.



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