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How To Create Emotional Intimacy In Your Marriage

As a highly sensitive woman, you likely love—and want more—emotional intimacy. So you will want to know what creates it between two people, and what leads you further from it in your marriage.

In this episode, I share the gold on all of it, and let you in on how to create more emotional intimacy with your husband—even without his active participation.

We look together at:

  • What prevents or erodes intimacy in a long-term relationship,

  • where it really comes from,

  • the 2 modes you must operate from to build more of it between you and your significant other,

  • and a couple of surprising not-talked-about truths about what creating that deep loving intimacy really entails — including the very biggest key to it of all.

You’ll walk away with so much more clarity on how to bring the love-sustaining nourishment of emotional intimacy into your own marriage. Don’t miss this episode.

Not seeing your preferred podcast listening platform? It's on most, so search for "Highly Sensitive, Happily Married" there!



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