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How To Really Stand Up For Yourself In Your Marriage

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

If you ever take things personally, feel hurt by your partner’s words, or get defensive (hello fellow HSPs!)—or if your partner can be critical towards you— this is for you.

You probably feel like you need to stand up for yourself.... Yeah? But let’s be honest. Most of us do so by getting defensive. I get it! Standing up for yourself by defending yourself feels like a way of not letting your partner walk all over you and treat you poorly. I don’t want you to feel mistreated, ever. But you know what they say about defense? “Defense is the first act of war.” It tends to fuel the fire of disrespect. Both ways. There is a better way. And it involves revising our definition of standing up for ourselves. What if “standing up for yourself” doesn’t mean what you’ve always thought it means?

It doesn’t! At least not when it comes to making your marriage one you love. Standing up for yourself in marriage means something way more conducive to love and harmony and having a rock solid relationship with your partner.

Listen in to find out exactly what I mean, and learn the 3 step process that helps you become a master at disarming criticism and standing up for love in your relationship.

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