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Listener Relationship Questions Answered

I put out a call to you listeners for questions, and today I am going to answer three of them!

All three highly sensitive women’s questions are very relatable and have a somewhat similar theme:

How to handle being bothered by things their spouse does or ways he is, so they can feel better AND work with their spouse effectively in these situations. 

Specifically (but with a bit more detail).

  1. Ella asks, “What are your recommendations for easing anger surrounding the innate stubbornness of your partner?” 

  2. Nina asks, “How would you approach conflict with a husband in front of your kids?”

  3.  Kelly asks, “I can't seem to train my brain to stop thinking negatively about my marriage, specifically about my hubby, and frequently wonder whether I should be in this marriage or not. What is causing this thinking?  It is very disconcerting. Any ideas?” 

I certainly do have ideas for them about what to do in all of these cases–and for you if you are ever annoyed, irritated, angry or frustrated with your partner, my answer will help you, too!

 Listen in to hear my coaching and strategic tips on how to handle these specific situations and feelings, so you can be much more successful in navigating these issues, as well as feeling more peace and happiness with your husband.

This episode is also a great way to tangibly tie a lot of my teachings together and apply them to real-life situations. So dig in.

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SHOW NOTES: Learn about or enroll in Treasured, Hannah's marriage coaching program for highly sensitive women, here. 




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