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Men Being Honest About The Hard Stuff With Casey And Will

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

A special episode featuring 2 male guests, Casey Desharnais, a Men’s Depth Coach, and my husband Will– just a regular guy– for both you and your (willing) partner to listen to.

To be the most successful partner and have a very connected and loving relationship requires the skill of being honest with oneself–of looking at what's going on inside yourself that may be leading to less-than-skillful ways of relating (and conflict and disconnection)– and then being honest and open about it with our significant other. But, in our modern culture, many men, especially, still have trouble engaging with – or even looking at – the harder aspects of themselves that they bring to their relationship. (This goes for all humans, but men can be especially prone to this.) If, like many women, you are frustrated that your partner doesn’t seem very self-aware, or has a hard time saying sorry, revealing something that you have a hunch is going on below the surface, or being vulnerable about his feelings with you… Or if he gets defensive easily, or tends to deflect problems, turns the blame on you, or simply shuts down in the face of harder interactions with you or others. . .

. . . it may be because he, too, has not yet learned to be transparent, authentic, and open (TAO) with himself fully yet. But he can learn to, and you can learn how to support him in doing so in a loving, safe way…And when you both do, your relationship will grow by leaps and bounds. Join Casey, Will, and I (in two separate interviews) as we chat about:

  • The BIG positive effects that happen when men begin to learn how to look at and engage with the things they haven't wanted to see about themselves before

  • Why it’s so hard for so many to be TAO with themselves, and with their significant other.

  • What women need to understand their man is up against to be able to be more open and vulnerable with you.

  • How you can support your partner to feel safer and more comfortable to engage with the harder parts of himself and open up about them with you.

  • Tips and encouragement for men to begin building this “muscle” of being TAO–and why they’d WANT to bother.

  • Casey and Will’s perspective and personal stories on their own journeys with learning how to do this –and how many benefits they have both reaped from this challenging but rewarding process.

This episode will shed light on the reasons behind men’s lack of ease with this important skill, start healing rifts and bring in more compassion, and give you tangible strategies for more self-honesty and ownership– so you can BOTH start feeling more intimacy and connection right away – and grow a deeper, more all encompassing love between you.

Listen in to find out how you can, too!

Not seeing your preferred podcast listening platform? It's on most, so search for "Highly Sensitive, Happily Married" there!



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