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Men, Emotional Maturity, And Love (Or How To Invite Your Husband To Evolve)

We modern women expect more out of marriage and men than ever. We tend to want our husbands to be a more mature, evolved, supportive partner with whom we can regularly connect intimately on a deep physical and emotional level.

But, in many cases, our men don’t seem to be able to rise up and meet us in that place as much as we want.

Today, we dive in and look at why— and what you can do about it.

The bad news is fighting for and trying to get him to BE who we want creates tug-of-war, misery, and powerlessness over our own happiness.

So, how do we create the space for him to grow into the best version of himself in partnership--a man who appreciates you, opens up to you, is a thoughtful, empathetic, full-hearted ally in your life? Listen in to find out.

In this episode, I dive into 2 important keys that will:

  • begin dislodging and eliminating outdated unconscious culturally inherited mindsets that lead to a whole lot of pain for both you and him

  • free you up to own and use the relational power you, as a woman, have naturally to make your marriage one you love (you’ll hear the science that backs this up)!

  • and ultimately allows you to make your marriage one you feel so much better in, and one that gives your man the best chance at evolving into the most mature loving version of him possible: a man who responds, considers, feels, and loves consciously.

This is a fiercely truth-telling episode that, if you let it, will burn a hole in your frustration and resentment and open the doorway to having the supportive deeply loving marriage you want --and a husband who is likelier than ever to evolve in a positive direction right alongside you into the future.

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