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Negative Emotion Doesn't Have To Be A Problem For You

Most of us don't have a peaceful relationship with our feelings. We spend a lot of energy trying to NOT feel bad. To change things so we feel happier.

This usually doesn't work, at least not long term. And do you really want happiness? Or something richer? With all the strong emotions coming up lately, I wanted to share some things I've learned to help me stop wasting my energy trying to feel good all the time, and deal with my "negative" emotions way more effectively--so you can feel more peace and joy in your life and marriage. Watch the 4.5 minute video by clicking below.

Understanding in your bones how to have peace with your "negative" emotions is a facet of Emotional Agency (being in control of your feelings instead of them being in control of you).

It's part of what I teach my clients to develop on their way to becoming Highly Integrated HSPs with high integrity marriages.

Here are two ways you can develop more Emotional Agency:

1. Join us over in our free facebook group community, Better Love For Sensitive Women, where I share on this topic regularly. Click here and answer the join questions and I'll welcome you in!

2. Hop on the waitlist to coach with me. We'll coach deeply on the source of your own emotional struggles and get you feeling so in control of your own emotions, so secure in yourself and your marriage, you won't know what happened to the easily upset, often confused, mostly unhappy version of you. Email me at with "let's talk" and we'll set up a time to do so to see if coaching with me is a good fit for you.

With much love,




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