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Nutrition For Better Relationships As HSPs With Lisa Masé

The quality of our relationships are deeply impacted by various aspects of our Mind-Body-Heart Systems' well-being. Especially our emotional well-being, which is deeply affected by our physical health (specifically our nutritional, hormonal, and nervous system health). In this episode, we will talk about all this with a special guest, Nutritionist Lise Masé.

Listen in to our conversation (involving chocolate, magic and mystery, and the word “hangry”) to learn:

  • Why nutrition matters when it comes to emotional and relationship well-being, and why you would even want to learn how to support your sensitive system nutritionally.

  • How food, and food choices and habits impact our nervous systems regulation, hormones, thoughts, moods, and emotions, and ultimately our ability to be in connection with our significant other.

  • Why sensitive people are prone to digestive issues.

  • Which foods help and which hurt…(such as foods that cause anxiety, and those that counter it)

  • How nutritionally supporting yourself isn’t just about the foods you eat, but the way you eat them!

  • Why pleasure helps you shift your eating habits to more optimal ones for your unique system – and how to have more of it in your meals!

  • How guiding your mind is an important piece of the puzzle when it comes to optimal nutrition.

  • Specific small practices, and strategies that you can explore that will support the most aligned eating for your specific system …

…All of which will help have a less reactive Mind-Body-Heart system and help you attain optimal well-being in your nervous system, which will translate into more vitality, more ease, more connection and an overall better marriage. Listen in.

Listen in here or below to find out how you can, too!

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