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Redirecting Anger Into Positive Change

Today we are revisiting the topic of anger in our relationships, because it is so often a destructive force that leads to an unraveling of connection. But it doesn't have to be.

If you often (or just sometimes) feel frustrated, resentful, aggravated or resentful towards your significant other, get this episode in your ears.

Because your anger may be valid, especially if you don't feel fully met in your marriage. But it is very likely misdirected.

The big question to ask is, is the way you are directing that anger getting you more of what you want in the long run? Or less of what you want?

In this episode we look at how most often the way we use our anger leads to less of what we want, and more pain and disconnection. But you can change that.

It starts with looking at the misunderstandings that lead to anger being misdirected, and then understanding how you can redirect that anger into a force of truly positive change in your marriage.

Listen in and get on the right track to real long term happiness in your marriage.

Listen in here or below to find out how you can, too!

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