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Relationship Boundary Basics

Knowing how and when to set a “Relationship Boundary” is an essential part of blazing the trail to a more respectful, loving, high-integrity marriage for both you and your husband.

Setting appropriate boundaries are, 1st, a way to take loving care and be respectful of yourself and the relationship, and 2nd, they teach your significant other to understand what’s okay by you and what isn’t, helping eliminate his disrespectful behaviors.

“Boundaries” are often misconstrued or not used correctly, and when that's the case they don’t work, or even backfire. This episode clarifies for you exactly how and when use them, and teaches you the essentials of what you need to know when it comes to Relationship Boundaries, including:

  • What the intention behind must be for them to work well in love

  • The difference between true appropriate boundary-setting and control (these get confused all the time! Knowing the difference is key, because one works, and one makes things worse!)

  • When to use boundaries versus when to use requests.

  • How to not overuse boundaries, what to do instead, and how to decipher when your work is not boundary setting, but actually something else (more internal)

  • What state of being is most effective for using boundaries successfully

  • The 4 steps to set healthy boundaries in your relationship

  • Why communicating your boundaries ahead of time may be beneficial and more effective

  • The very most important part of boundary setting that often gets dropped- and makes them simply not work.

  • The most common obstacles that may get in the way of setting boundaries in a way that works, and solutions to overcome them

We ALL need to set boundaries from time to time, especially as an HSP.

If you never set boundaries and are ready to bring some fierce love to your marriage, or you use them a whole lot, or have tried without much success, this episode is for you.




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