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The HSP Mind-Body-Heart-Slump

If you’re cranky, snappy, frazzled or overwhelmed a lot…

Or you’re feeling numb, down, or aren't able to connect to love or warmth or affection...

If you don’t have much interest in being around or touching your partner…

This is a must-listen episode...You may be in what I call a Mind-Body-Heart-Slump (MBHS).

Clearly, having a thriving marriage (or life) is out of reach when we are in a MBHS. Unfortunately, many of us HSPs are in one chronically!

Being prone to MBHS’s is at the very heart of relationship problems for HSPs, so understanding why this happens and how to address it is essential if you want a connected, secure, joyful marriage.

In this episode, I share where Mind Body Heart Slumps come from (some of this may surprise you) and why getting out of one may be easier than you think--BECAUSE you are Highly Sensitive!

I offer 10 + things you can do to get and stay out of the clutches of an MBHS and back to feeling calm and centered.

Which will gain you access to the most deeply wonderful, deeply powerful parts of the HSP trait--along with more laughter, more lightness, more pleasurable sex, so you can feel so much better IN your self and ABOUT yourself-- and your relationship.

Apply what I share here to lay the ESSENTIAL foundation for the ease, love, and connection you want.

(Not seeing your preferred podcast listening platform? It's on most, so go search it there!)




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