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The Relationship Rulebook

This is a hearty episode that will help you put an end to upset, frustration, resentment, old hurts–and so many arguments and conflicts that you have in your relationship— if you dig in and follow the steps I lay out.

If you find yourself feeling mad, resentful, frustrated, irritated or disappointed often in your marriage, a large part of it is likely due to your “Relationship Rulebook”.

When it comes to our relationships, We all have subconscious or semi-conscious ideas about how it should be, how a good partner is supposed to behave, how they should be, what they are supposed to be doing…and how we ourselves should be as a wife or partner.

These are your relationship rules, I give many examples of what these look like in this episode.

Since most significant others will not always want to or be able to follow your rules, as long as you continue to subscribe to these rules, you will keep feeling all that frustration, disappointment, resentment, and anger. And you won't ever be able to enjoy your marriage, or love your partner as deeply as you will when you let them go.

Luckily, when you discover, examine, question, and release your rules’ grip on you, you will also release the unhappiness and make way for so much more connection, love and joy in your marriage.

In fact, the work I did done early in my second marriage dismantling my Relationship Rulebook was a large part of the reason that it was so much happier than my first one was.

Listen in now (with pen and paper ready for note taking!) and implement what I share here, and your marriage will start feeling more lighthearted, easy, and loving right away.

Listen in to find out how you can, too!

Not seeing your preferred podcast listening platform? It's on most, so search for "Highly Sensitive, Happily Married" there!


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