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The Worst Lie About Love

Your dream of steady loving supportive connection in your relationship is so benevolent. It’s absolutely not selfish. (Don't believe that worn out old lie.) It’s a dream that adds to the greater good. The more understanding, love, respect, and securely connected your marriage is, the more: 🔥lightness, and ease and joy there is in your family. 🔥everyone in your family has to offer each other, and the world. 🔥people around you see and are inspired by your great example. 🔥love the people you come into contact with have in their lives 🔥energy you have to offer to put into making a meaningful contribution in the world. 🔥freed up you are to make money and put that money to causes you care about. When I was in an unhappy marriage I just didn’t have a lot of me left over to offer the world, or even my kids. As soon as I got myself to a place where I was deeply secure in and nourished by my relationship, I suddenly had the biggest capacity to make a difference in the world, in my kids lives, and a bigger and better difference in my clients lives --and all the people who I reach on a daily basis.

The love I have in my life spills out of me and impacts the world in powerfully positive ways. A healthy loving relationship is like a foundation that supports us to make the difference we were born to make in the world.

Never ever think you’re being selfish to want a more deeply loving marriage. Because if you do you-- and you don't commit to creating that for yourself-- not only are you denying yourself something so delicious and nourishing, something you totally deserve....  ...but you are taking from the world something it’s meant to have: your happiness in love-- and all the things that makes possible. If you know it's time to stop denying yourself the love and connection you want in your partnership, let go of the hesitating. Make the choice to HAVE that love. Come coach with me. Together we will make your marriage the one you want it to be. Email me and say, "I am in" and we will take it together from there, and put the pain of wanting but not having behind you.



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