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When It's Hard To Feel Love For Your Spouse

If you sometimes (or often) can't quite feel love for your significant other, I totally get it. I have felt that, too, many a-time, and I know it DOESN'T feel so good. Because, of course you want to feel love for and connection to the person you spend your life with, right? So I want to share a personal story with you that will help.

Dive into today's episode to hear about one of the times I felt deeply cut off from my love for my hubby, and how I got myself back to that sweetness of feeling connected and loving towards him again–so you can do it, too!

How I did that is a reliable process I still use in those times I feel cut off from my heart–because it really can happen rather easily as HSP’s in our busy overstimulating modern lives (and because relationships can bring up a lot of stuff that makes it all too easy to shut down our hearts–even when we have big ones!).

I also share what can get in the way of feeling that steady love for our significant other, and how there may well be different routes to access it again for you, depending on what's going on for you. 

And I give you the most basic key to figuring out how to guide yourself back to feeling more in your big heart  again, so you can feel better AND inspire more connection, fun, and even passion with your spouse. Dive in!

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