What Happens When You Put Pressure On Yourself To Improve

May 15, 2019

Do you, like so many women I know, tend to put pressure on yourself to not make mistakes? Or to do better in your relationships (as a wife, or as a parent or friend, or at work)?


Do you tend towards perfectionism, as many sensitive people do? If so, it’s probably making it HARDER, not easier, to get the results you want in your relationships and life.


Since I see this a lot in my work with clients, I created an audio blog episode, What Happens When You Put Pressure On Yourself To Improve to help you with this common challenge.


So join me on this windy walk to discover a secret you can implement right away to melt pressure away and help you feel more relaxed, energized, and at ease in your life and relationship. Ironically— and fortunately!—this will actually free you up to be better at the thing you want to be better at (like loving and feeling cherished!). 


Listen here: 


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Hi! I'm Hannah Brooks.


I’m a relationship coach for smart, sensitive women who want a more fulfilling and loving relationship, but find themselves


easily upset and irritated with their significant other. 


They’re tired of feeling resentful, disconnected, and lonely, but don't know how to make things better. 


I help them reconnect with their partner and create a close, supportive, and peaceful relationship, so they can have the lasting love they want.



See success stories that will give you hope here.





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