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Hey Sensitive one,


If there was an antidote to your irritability, reactivity, overwhelm and anxiety, feeling stressed out, run down, burnt out, or that sense of dull disconnection, would you want it?


Of course you would! Because you know that when all that is gone. . .


. . . and you feel calmly energized, grounded in the face of challenges, and connected to your big heart – life and love just feel so much easier. And you can navigate it all with a sense of empowerment and lightheartedness…



When you learn how to work with your Sensitive System at the ROOT level:


Introducing. . .

 Foundations of Well-Being for HSPs

...or what I call FEW, HSP!! Because that’s what it feels like when you take this course and do the lessons: 


It feels like a big old sigh of relief. A breath of the freshest air. A walk into the most beautiful peaceful lush garden…Like you have the most solid roots that reach deeply into the most rich soil and hold you steady, strong, stable, and fully nourished. 



In FEW, you will learn how to work directly with the fundamental aspect of your emotional well-being-- your nervous system-- so that you will  not only be more emotionally regulated and FEEL more relaxed, light, and grounded right away...


 . . . but it will be so much easier for you to communicate effectively, learn and grow, access your wisest self and most accurate intuition, and creatively solve any issues that arise in your life and relationships… 


 It's time for FEW, HSP. Because it’s the foundation on which you will build all the rest of the good in your emotional life—and life.


What you'll get:  

  • A deep and clear understanding of your sensitive nervous system and how it works (including a practical understanding of poly-vagal theory -I.e. What is actually happening when you feel overwhelmed, shut down, freaked out, or triggered), conveyed to you through science and metaphor. 

  • Sequential and adaptable steps to build emotional and nervous system regulation in the ways that work best for you, as a unique human and HSP, so the hard parts of life won't rock you nearly so much.

  • Your unique plan to build emotional resilience on a daily basis, as well as the specific practices that work to do so. 

  • Tangible practices to calm and steady you in those SOS moments when you are emotionally triggered, so you can get back to a clear-headed, wise place inside yourself.

  • Practical ways to handle and channel anger and other hard emotions, so you can process it through, instead of it hurting you or those you care about.

  • Support making it all work in your real and full life.

  • Over time as you apply what you learn,  a natural instinct for just what to do to stay emotionally steady, grounded, and  connected to your heart, your clarity, and your wisdom. . . 

  • AND MORE . . .

 . . . all delivered via 6 video lessons and a workbook.



NOW you can do this for free. When you enroll in Treasured  by April 14th, 2024,  it comes as a totally free bonus! 


By joining today, you will build a solid foundation from which to grow and learn and apply the skills that you’ll get in Treasured to make your marriage not just good, but even amazing. 

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