Designed, Tried and True by Sensitive People For Effectiveness and Finesse.

This guide will help you smooth over rough patches in your communications with your partner, deepen understanding and support, and bring you closer together. It's the place to get started truly understanding how to benefit from the power of sensitivity --or becoming more sensitive if you aren't by nature-- so you can create the loving connection you really want with your partner.

Includes a bonus quick reference sheet so you can easily remind yourself

what to say when you need it most.


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an audio blog for a more loving relationship

 I know you are busy, AND you still want to know how to improve your relationship. So I created an audio blog to support you in building the loving relationship you want— while you attend to other things, like getting exercise or doing chores around the house.

Pop in your ear buds and join me on a casual walk (or maybe you want to drive, or do the chores, or whatever) to talk about love, relationships, and being a sensitive human. Or download and listen to the back episodes anytime. 

Expect short pep talks on things like creating the relationship you really want with your partner, sensitivity, emotions, and tips, stories, tools, insights, laughs, tears, and the sharing of experiences with a woman who really gets how hard it can be, and how amazing it can get (that’d be me!).







Come on over and join me. I'm so excited to support you in this way! Be sure to listen to the welcome episode to kick things off.

I also share so much good stuff -- a whole vault of articles and videos --to help you have the love you want and deserve in the Connection Compass Blog. Don't miss it.

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Better Love For Sensitive Women.


For women ready to end upset and have more intimacy and ease in their committed relationship.

Welcome! This group is a loving place to get support from each other and feel safe to honestly share struggles, ask questions, and commune with other like-minded deep-feeling women around resolving the real life challenges in your committed relationship so you can have the love you want with your partner.

This is a place to learn to THRIVE in your relationship, and as a sensitive woman (not just tolerate it all).



















~support, understanding, safety, empathy, accountability, friends who've got your back.
~advice, teaching videos, and articles 
~answers to your questions about healthy relationships
~live face time (Fb Live) with Hannah
~first notification of special opportunities like events, workshops, ways to get personal support
~ and more

All to help you have the loving connection you really want with your partner.

3 Essential Steps to a More Loving Relationship 

 Even When You Feel Irritable, Resentful or Disconnected


A guide to helping you feel more supported and at ease so that your love life feels less weighty, more loving, and lighter.  Includes a bonus guided audio and specific tips emailed to you to help you integrate the content.



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The 7 Most Powerful Phrases To Deepen Connection In Your Marriage

Designed, Tried and True by Sensitive People For Effectiveness and Finesse.

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