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HANNAH BROOKS Marriage Coach for Highly Sensitive People (HSP)

"I can't get over how beautiful my relationship is now after these months with Hannah.

It's almost surreal. It's almost like we are totally different people now. Neither of us imagined we'd ever be in this place. Our relationship is so strong and so deep now. We've come to a place where we truly GET each other. We even lovingly deal with conflict. It’s incredible.

 "AND the work that I've done with Hannah on my partnership propelled me to heal the next relationship... I patched things up with my mom after months of not talking to her. I now realize I'm the one in control of how I feel about her and relate to her. I'm so much more peaceful and feel so much more comfort and security--so much lighter, like a huge weight has been lifted. I'm feeling pretty good about myself! It’s a whole different mindset for me in my relationships--and with my job, too. I really feel this shift in all these major areas!  It's life-changing! It's tremendous! I can't thank Hannah enough."

~Sam, Canada

HANNAH BROOKS Marriage Coach for Highly Sensitive People (HSP)

We are laughing, loving and having FUN!! "I've never had so much growth in my self-awareness as when working with Hannah. Coaching worked better for me as it is direct, fast and effective compared to traditional therapy. I used to stuff my feelings, hide them to get by (or even run off and hide when they came up) and I'd always end up feeling unimportant to my husband. With Hannah’s help, I now share my feelings and communicate authentically in a loving way. I’m taking care of myself, asking for what I need, and it's inspired him to look at and take action on his own issues. I'm now able to get across to him (in a very loving, kind way), what's important to me. AND he has surprised me with his responses that are open, humble and loving. I now trust that he loves me, and know he wants to make it work. I’m very happy with my ‘new’ husband and love the man he is. We are laughing, loving and having FUN!! This program is very powerful and extremely helpful to me personally and in my relationships. I highly recommend Hannah to anyone who wants to grow in LOVE." 

~ Mara, North Carolina

Things are feeling so sweet. I keep asking myself, ‘Is this for real?’

“Things are so much better between us! It’s amazing. We’ve had some big breakthroughs and things are feeling so sweet. I keep peeling back these critical judgements I used to have of him and I feel so much more lightness and acceptance in their place. Because of that shift in me, he feels safer and relaxed in my presence and he's trusting me enough to open up and share things with me he wouldn’t have before. We are laughing a lot and having more fun and connection than ever. I feel so much more of a sense of synchrony, a sense that we are on each other’s side. I keep asking myself, ‘Is this for real?’!”~Client, VT


HANNAH BROOKS Marriage Coach for Highly Sensitive People (HSP)

He has started to show me love and affection again! 

"Though I was unsure if I could improve things in my marriage before taking the leap to coach with Hannah, the loving email I received from my husband yesterday--which took my breath away and made my heart skip a beat all at once-- was more than enough proof that the work I am doing on myself and our relationship in this program IS working.

    After only a month working with Hannah, I am a calmer, more consistent version of myself. I am enjoying the shift in myself - it feels good to be able to tackle difficult and confronting situations in a different way, with calm and poise and grace - this is a HUGE change for me. And as a result my husband has shifted too - he has come forward, he has started to show me love and affection again, in his own way. He’s showing me small snippets of affection - holding my hand, wrapping his arm around my shoulder from time to time and has started to refer to ‘we’ and ‘us’ again, which had disappeared for a while. I know I am on my way back to a deep, loving relationship with him, and it feels so good."

~ Donna, Australia

Hannah took me from totally broken to a better place as a person than I have EVER been before.

Hannah took me from totally broken (after my husband of 32 years betrayed me)  to a better place as a person than I have EVER been before. I have NEVER felt so good in my whole life. I feel whole just being me. No one's ever been able to sort me out before. But now here I am 6 months later-- SORTED! I'm strong, feel in control of myself, so much more confident and like I truly matter. And I feel so grateful for everything in my life.

It's just so good to be me! I feel there's nothing I can't do if I want to now. On top of all that, I had my first date since my divorce on Saturday evening! (Social distanced) It went really well. I am so enjoying myself!  

   Hannah is such a wise and kind person. I wholeheartedly recommend her. She can make things better for you.

~ Julie, UK

Imagine yourself saying these same things. This will be you when you commit to going all in on creating the relationship you really want with your partner--and yourself. If you are ready to get these same kinds of amazing results, click the button below. 
Together we will change your life.

"I feel so much love, support, and deep interest from him. I’ve always wanted to be able to say about a man “I feel like he’s my safe space! “ Now I can. Before we started, I was struggling with feeling insecure and jealous in my relationship, and insecure in myself. I was worried that maybe we weren't meant to be together, that it would always be this way, that we'd never find a way out of struggling with conflict or deal with difficult conversations. I was feeling time pressure to make a "decision." 


But after working with Hannah, I’m feeling really secure and confident, calm, steady, accepted, loving, warm-- a glowy gratitude. AND so much better about myself, In general.  It's led to us reuniting in such a great way, feeling so connected and secure. And I’m not feeling needy or threatened and have less worry about the future. Things I would have gotten upset about I'm not anymore! It’s a completely different mindset!


Because of me doing this work, we're both more confident in ourselves and each other's ability to communicate honestly and openly. We have had so much growth and many important conversations lately, and we are feeling so grateful to have each other. He now asks me “How can I support you?”.


I feel so much love, support, and deep interest from him. I’ve always wanted to be able to say about a man “I feel like he’s my safe space! “ Now I can. "

~Lauren, USA

HANNAH BROOKS Marriage Coach for Highly Sensitive People (HSP)

I feel deeply connected to myself and to my husband. "After 4 years of being married, I felt unfulfilled, uninspired and overall dull in my relationship with my husband. The spark between us was gone.  Having Hannah’s support, gentle guidance and her completely nonjudgmental approach and openness created a possibility for me to let go of that which was keeping me small, restricted and unfulfilled in myself and in my relationship with my husband. As a result, my relationship with my husband is as magical and deep as it’s ever been. I feel incredibly inspired about our future and the possibilities that lie ahead. I feel deeply connected to myself and to my husband. " - Yulia Azriel, IL

HANNAH BROOKS Marriage Coach for Highly Sensitive People (HSP)

I now see a positive future together again! 

“Before starting working with Hannah I thought I was losing my whole life because my husband was telling me he didn’t want to be with me anymore. I was very afraid of the future. As I dove into the program, Hannah helped me see my part in the bad relationship dynamics I had with my husband: my tendency to try and control him and his behavior, my reactivity with him, how I would complain if I did not like how things were. And that pushed him away over time. With Hannah, I learned how to take responsibility for how I feel and how to work with my emotions so that I can handle and direct them all instead of trying to direct my husband! I can now respond calmly instead of reacting and saying things that make things worse. And we actually come up with solutions together for problems that arise. One day he kissed me for the first time in a year. . .and not just a little kiss – but with warm fiery sparks! I felt so good and hopeful. Then we began snuggling often, and really reviving our relationship on all levels. Because I am now able to be more loving and compassionate, he is feeling more supported by me and is telling me he wants to make this work, and is showing it through his actions. I now see a positive future together again! I would not have developed the relationship skills I now have without Hannah’s guidance. I am grateful from the bottom of my heart for this program.” ~K.B, Germany  

HANNAH BROOKS Marriage Coach for Highly Sensitive People (HSP)

"I got so much more out of working with you for months than I did out of years of therapy! Things now are really, really good with my partner, better than ever. We have been showing each other so much love and tenderness, and things just feel so much easier and lighter. 


I’m not as likely to get in a funky mood as before because I tend to my emotions better as they arise...I’m much more confident in myself, less prone to jealousy and have more self-love, a lot less self-judgement. I’m not as anxious about things overall. 


All this and more translates to my relationship! He says the sweetest things about being so grateful to be with me and how we can even turn a bad moment around. 

You’re a wise voice in my head, and I still feel so supported and uplifted by you. I loved working with you because of your authenticity, care, deep listening, non-judgment, vulnerability, and support and honoring of my growth. You bring an intuition to your work – you sense where I’m at emotionally and know just how much to challenge and push me on old patterns of thinking and doing. It was challenging in the most rewarding way because I really saw real progress as I implemented the coaching. My LIFE is so better overall and I feel so much gratitude for you! ~ Client

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