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Freedom From Hurt Week

HANNAH BROOKS Marriage Coach for Highly Sensitive People (HSP)


A free ticket to ride is yours when you get the Stop Taking It So Personally Course (STISP) by January 4th. Freedom From Hurt Week is the live portion of STISP, where we will go even deeper and you will get Hannah's direct help with the hurt you want to end in your unique relationships.

Here's How This Journey Together Works:

Start at the Bus Station: The Stop Taking It So Personally Course (STISP), which includes a deep dive into the 7 micro-skills to end the hurt of taking things personally in all your relationships (you can get started today!), the STISP workbook, and all the fun graphic illustrations, so you can no longer feel weighed down by the pain of it all. This is the required starting spot, since everything else in Freedom From Hurt Week takes off from here. Details described at the "Learn About STISP" button below.

Next, head to The Private Freedom From Hurt Pop Up Facebook Group: your pit stop to get the support you need to keep up the journey: 3 days of live mentorship and coaching and all your questions answered by Hannah and experienced mentor, Sonya. This is when you get to ask your questions get help with challenges that are coming up during STISP. You will get the answers and the support you need.

HANNAH BROOKS Marriage Coach for Highly Sensitive People (HSP)

Then take a ride to the 2 LIVE VIRTUAL Q and A Gatherings, where we will go deeper into 2 of most the important parts of permanently freeing yourself from unnecessary hurt in your relationships, and you will get Hannah's targeted focus on you to answer your questions for your specific situation and help you through any roadblocks you run into on this journey, so you can come away clear, empowered, and peaceful. Each of these gatherings will be a slightly different landscape:

HANNAH BROOKS Marriage Coach for Highly Sensitive People (HSP)

Live virtual gathering #1: Move into your zone of safety; an excursion into deeper realms of peace (even when others in your life aren't being their kindest selves).

HANNAH BROOKS Marriage Coach for Highly Sensitive People (HSP)

Live virtual gathering #2: A trip to curiosity-land: viewing the other person’s “stuff” from afar, for relief from pain and a sense of more connection. 

These live gatherings are where you get direct access to Hannah and her help, as well as  help you feel how not alone you are in this journey--many others are going through the same sort of experiences in their lives and relationships. Come get supported, get your questions answered and your roadblocks cleared, so you can get back on the road to Connection-ville. These virtual gatherings will be recorded, and you can even write in your question or concern ahead of time, and Hannah will address it for you, so if you can't make it live, you will still be able to participate.

HANNAH BROOKS Marriage Coach for Highly Sensitive People (HSP)

If you already have the Stop Taking It So Personally Course you get a  FREE ticket to ride!

(Now simply get going on the lessons in STISP and 

Look for more details in your inbox soon. )


Please note: Freedom From Hurt Week will take place from January 15-18th, to give you time to do all of the lessons in the STISP course first (designed to take just one week with 1 short lesson a day). But, you can get started today, since you get instant access, so you can feel much more freedom from hurt RIGHT AWAY. Questions will come up, and Hannah will be there to answer them for you!


This is a rare opportunity (possibly your only chance) to get Hannah's direct targeted support to supplement your STISP journey. Participating in this live has always been enlightening for participants in the past (when STISP used to be a live event), so don't miss your chance...


  • You'll be able to advocate for yourself and what you want much more effectively. 

  • You'll be able to respond in a way that increases understanding and connection in your partnership (and other relationships) 

  • You’ll have much more capacity to communicate in a way that works to resolve things

  • You’ll be able to stop arguments before they even start.

  • You'll be much more able to steer every interaction toward connection instead of division….

  • and enjoy the simple freedom of easier feeling relationships as an HSP.  

HANNAH BROOKS Marriage Coach for Highly Sensitive People (HSP)



By the time we end our journey together in mid-January, you'll be feeling a lot more peace, mutual respect, understanding, and like you really do matter in your relationships (...even if your partner is not the epitome of kindness or tactfulness)


And the byproduct of all that?


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