I'm Hannah Brooks, Connected Relationship Coach, CYT,  and  owner of UPLIFT Movement and Hannah Brooks Relationship Coaching.


As a Connected Relationship Empowerment Coach, I help caring, smart, sensitive women who tend to feel things deeply (including stress!) have happier more intimately connected relationships with their romantic partner so they can feel cherished for who they are (like we all deserve to do!) . Learn more about my journey and work by clicking here.


I am also a certified yoga and yoga dance teacher committed to bringing more joy, aliveness, and authenticity to the lives of women through the power of Relationship Coaching, Life Coaching and the ancient and contemporary tools of mind-body-spirit medicine. I am passionate about guiding women as they learn the skills to become empowered creators of the loving relationship they have always yearned for.

With over 20 years experience in the field of holistic health, including Life Coaching, Psychosynthesis, yoga, Yoga for Emotional Balance, Positive psychology, Massage Therapy, dance, and Somatic Mind Body Therapy,  I have a wealth of experience and training to draw from.  I have studied with leaders in the field of Mind-Body approaches to healing and balancing the mind, emotions,  heart,  and mood, including Martha Beck, Molly Young-Brown, Megha Nancy Buttenheim, Brooke Castillo, Jurian Hughes, Tony Bergins, Dan Leven, Bo Forbes, and Amy Weintraub, among others.


I use an integrated approach that addresses mind, body, emotion, and spirit, which takes into account the whole person that you are. Through the magical combination of  ancient time-tested tools, like Breathwork and Yogic practices, and the powerful contemporary tools of Life Coaching and Neuroscience, my work is medicine for your heart and soul (and those of your relationship, as well).


A Bit About My Education