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Highly Sensitive, Happily Married Podcast

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

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Marriage Coach and HSP Love Expert Hannah Brooks teaches sensitive women how to not only have an easier marriage, but to have a marriage where love, understanding, lightness, and connection gets deeper every day.    Highly Sensitive people have unique differences that lead to predictable challenges in committed relationships, and sometimes even the deterioration of love.    Right now your marriage might feel difficult: you may get upset easily, feel weighed down by resentment, hurt, irritation. It does not have to stay this way. Because as a sensitive person you are cut out for the best marriage possible. You just need to learn and apply a few things you were never taught.   You'll hear relatable stories, interviews, advice, and coaching on just what you need to know to use your sensitivity to your advantage in love.    You’ll learn how to stop taking things personally, manage your feelings, feel so secure and good about yourself, feel empowered instead of stuck, and how to influence (without manipulation) how your partner feels and behaves towards you, so you can just enjoy the person you’ve chosen as your partner, and invite so much more love and joy into your daily lives together.

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