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Want to put an end to all the upset with your partner?

 Ready for more intimacy, connection, and ease in your relationship?

With Hannah Brooks, Relationship Coach
HANNAH BROOKS Marriage Coach for Highly Sensitive People (HSP)

 Get the free guide:


3 Essential Steps to a More Loving Relationship

Even When You Feel

Irritable, Resentful or Disconnected


With Hannah Brooks, Relationship Coach

Includes a bonus guided audio

"I just wanted to share how successful your “3 Essential Steps” guide has been for me. I have a difficult time with painful emotions. Other practices have helped but were too long and arduous, so I often just suffered instead of helping myself . BUT this technique has been so powerful for me and stops my anxiety in its tracks!! Thank you so much. I’m so glad I discovered your teachings!" ~ Leslie H.


  ~Get a grasp on why your "negative" emotions keep showing up in your relationship  and what to do about it    


 ~Discover three powerful tools to feel super supported, even during the rougher times


 ~Begin developing the go-to skills to get back to feeling close to your partner again whenever something irks you or sets you at odds.


 ~Start to understand and trust yourself better (and those strong feelings, too), so being who you want to be in your relationship is easier.



In this easy to integrate guide you'll

HANNAH BROOKS Marriage Coach for Highly Sensitive People (HSP)
I'm ready to learn the 3 Steps!

What people are saying: 

“Learn to separate the pain that is inevitable from the pain that is self-induced! The ideas in 3 Essential Steps to a More Loving Relationship resonate with me deeply. I have been struggling to find peace and compassion in my own life and relationships over the past year, and this gift truly supports my effort and has crystalized many of the concepts that I couldn’t fully grasp before. The idea that no emotions are bad, but that difficult emotions serve a purpose to guide us towards our inner truth is completely liberating. Plus, it is all presented in a way that is easy to digest, relate to, and assimilate into daily life.”

                                                                                     ~Rose Marks, PhD candidate, University of  Kentucky

HANNAH BROOKS Marriage Coach for Highly Sensitive People (HSP)
HANNAH BROOKS Marriage Coach for Highly Sensitive People (HSP)

"The 3 Essential Steps To a More Loving Relationship is a simple and accessible guide offering the very clear wisdom of big truths. But it was the audio that really got my attention! Actually experiencing the steps (and being guided by Hannah's kind and compassionate voice) brought me to a feeling of coming home to myself, as if I were resting back into my loving self. That's a great feeling! And I love that I am able to do this for myself. These Three Essential Steps are truly a gift."

                                                                                        ~Maggie Cahoon, artist, Marlow, NH

HANNAH BROOKS Marriage Coach for Highly Sensitive People (HSP)

"The transformational work presented in Hannah's ebook and audio guide continues to grow within me, generating compassion and great shifts in my relationship with my partner. Through it, I am learning how to navigate the layers of thought, emotion, and the actions that create the sticky patterns of discontent. The effects of this work ripple outward to my family and the response is enlivening!"

                                                                                                ~Kate Phelps , Mom of 3, East Montpelier, VT 

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