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How To Disarm Criticism And REALLY Stand Up For Yourself -And Love

If you ever take things personally, feel hurt by your partner’s words, or get defensive—or if your partner can be critical towards you— this is for you.

As I’ve been creating my “8 Week Better Marriage Jumpstart” mini program for my clients, where we start implementing the most essential things to make quick big changes in their marriages (just one more powerful way to help them make their marriage into the most loving possible—because that’s how I roll. . . I’m always thinking about how to help even better!), I realized that one of the most important transformative things we can start with is to STOP doing certain things.

And one of these things is getting defensive. As they say, “Defense is the first act of war.” But let’s be honest. Most of us do it. Most of us even feel justified in it.

Especially if you have a partner who’s critical of you, or says hurtful things occasionally, you probably feel like you need to stand up for yourself. Yeah?

I get it! Standing up for yourself by defending yourself feels like a way of not letting your partner walk all over you and treat you poorly.

I don’t want you to feel mistreated, ever. But defending tends to fuel the fire of disrespect. Both ways.

Luckily, there’s a much better way. A way that truly works, instead of catapulting us into a war zone or a starting a cold war with your partner.

The truth is standing up for yourself doesn’t mean disproving someone else's critical or negative opinion of you, or defending yourself.

It means something way more conducive to love and harmony and having a rock solid relationship with your partner.

Find out exactly what I mean, and the steps you can take to easily handle criticism and become a master at disarming it and standing up for love in your relationship— in this video ...

(originally recorded on live stream, please ignore the seasonal references!)



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