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Course Thumbnail TEMPLATE_edited-Hannah Brooks Marraige and Relationship Coaching for Highly Sensitive people (HSP).
  • Which package option is right for me?
    BRIEFEST ANSWER (Bigger Answer Below!): If you know you want and do well with more focused attention--or you just love the idea of having my more targeted help, definitely consider the Option 2 Package. THIS IS THE ONLY WAY you will have access to coaching 1:1 with me from now on. And it's more affordable by far than purely 1:1 coaching with me. BIGGER ANSWER: I’ve been a participant in a lot of group coaching programs, as well as had lots of 1:1 coaching–and I've coached people in both. What I've discovered is they both have huge benefits–benefits that complement each other. So why not create a program that leverages the power of both–for the most thorough, fast, and sustained transformation? I wanted to give you options–so you can find the path that works best for you. So you can choose between 2 options--and remember, whichever option you choose, you will get all the benefits of group either way. (What are those benefits? See the next question about “why group”, for more info on why group is so transformative) Option 1: The group program its own. This is the foundation for huge –and sparkly– transformation. And it’s the most affordable option.You will get my attention on YOU, and 1:1 coaching within the group calls when you ask for it, along with everything that comes with Treasured, as listed on the description page. Option 2, which is group, plus 6 1:1 sessions with Hannah. For many HS women, the extra 1:1 attention (and privacy) is so powerful–I myself can't imagine my life without having had a combo of both group AND 1:1 private coaching sessions where I can feel the safest to share and receive powerful coaching. In these 1:1 calls, you will have the chance to go DEEP into your unique challenges and goals in your relationship–with plenty of access to my wisdom and guidance. For many, this is the extra support needed to lock in the transformation you are seeking in your marriage. NOTE: You CAN add these 1:1s later, and more than once, but spaces are very limited, and it’s first come first serve. So I recommend choosing this option now. If you’re really struggling to decide which is right for you, we can talk it out on a consult as part of your enrollment process. It all starts by clicking the Join button below and filling out the form it leads to.
  • Why a group program?
    A group coaching program has different benefits than 1:1 coaching. ( The ideal option is to do a combination of the two--which you CAN do in Treasured when you choose the 2nd Option Package!) You will be helped and transformed in ways that are not possible in a purely 1:1 container. One of the biggest? Science has proven what we already knew in our hearts: we actually HEAL in relationship with others. We are wired for connection--especially as sensitive women. All too often in our modern world, we do not have like-minded and like-hearted people who really GET us, and who are specifically in our lives to support us with our growth and healing. If you haven't heard it yet, you've got to listen to this audio of my clients sharing what the group experience was like and how it benefitted them. As AOC recently said, "Many of our biggest problems are a result of our massively scaled up isolation form others--that means that many solutions can be found in creating community." It's time to no longer feel isolated or be on your own in your pain and desires. In Treasured, you get an instant community of amazing women who GET you fully, who have felt alone and different until they had a circle of other women like you, where they belong! My clients report that learning that they are normal, and seeing it reflected to them by me and others in this sphere of HS women is, in and of itself, not just "big-sigh-bone-deep-relieving", but life affirming and totally transformative. When you spend time in a group of HS women, hearing their stories and sharing yours as we do in this group, you see that there are so many others just like you–women who are struggling with the same things in their lives and marriages, who want the same things, who’ve experienced so much of the same things– the sense of “something is wrong with me” goes away… . . . and in its place comes such acceptance and, beyond that, love of who you are. (Which hugely impacts your marriage, as you will see!) Because of course you can see it in others: you can see their dearness and beautiful humanness, and you can love it so easily. There’s nothing more powerful than a group of others to heal your relationship with yourself, and to open your eyes to what a gift you are--so you can be more treasured than ever for it! In this group, not only will you get 1:1 coaching when you raise your hand in the calls or participate in the skills labs, you'll also watch others being coached on issues that you didn't even realize were holding you back or impacting your marriage - which will have you growing so much faster! In community you are more powerful than on your own. Together we will be stepping into love leadership, lifting each other up, and having FUN while creating a sensitive love revolution in our marriages, families, and world. Here's what other hsp women have said about the group experience of Treasured VS 1:1. Or listen to this podcast where 9 of my clients share how coaching transformed their lives and marriages.
  • When will the calls be held?
    The weekly video coaching calls timing is decided based on the needs of our small group, but most people, at least based in the US, will be able to take lunch break to be on the call, as they will be during regular work hours, somewhere in the middle of the day most likely. (Making the times work for you IS,  in most cases, in your power. I understand it won’t be perfect timing for everyone, but get creative as to how you can make it work, because you value your own-- and your marriage’s-- happiness so much—and your future wellbeing really matters!)  There will be a couple skills workshops calls as well, perhaps during that same time, or possibly at other times, depending what works for the group. Do keep in mind that all calls will be recorded (see next question below), and you can also get coaching and answers to your questions in the virtual group, as well as all the teachings you need to excel in your marriage in the Treasured Learning Site!
  • What if I can’t be at some of the calls?
    You will get access to ALL CALL recordings, so you can watch or re-watch them! Always great for integration and deeper learning. But if you know you can’t be there for many calls, I suggest you rework your schedule to prioritize this if you are committed to changing things!
  • What if I'm not married?
    If you’re a sensitive woman in a committed relationship, whether married or not, this program is made for you! If you are not currently in a relationship, but you know you want to do all you can to be best prepared to have an amazing relationship in the future, this program is also for you!
  • Who is this for (gender / sexuality)?
    This program is for women (cis women). You can be partnered with anyone, but Hannah sometimes speaks to specific issues around heterosexual couples, and loves teaching women how to relate to and understand men (cis men)-- as she has specialized knowledge in this realm. She frequently uses traditional he/she pronouns when she teaches (as well as more gender neutral terms like "partner" and "spouse") so as long as you are comfortable with that, you’re more than welcome here if your partner is not a cis male. Wives of wives are very welcome.
  • What if I've been through trauma?
    Hannah coaches in a trauma-informed way. Although coaching is not intended to heal trauma, you will learn tools to help support you in your healing journey. The truth is, pretty much all of us have trauma. Depending on the nature and severity of your trauma–if it is recent, “Big” trauma, or really “red hot” for you at this time, I would recommend having worked with a therapist or trauma specialist first as a best first step. But if it’s “little t” trauma, and/or you’ve done some healing work on it already, this is a great program for you to move you forward. We can certainly grow WITH our trauma, but not if it’s very consuming. Listen to this podcast episode for more: Tending Your Trauma
  • Even though this sounds amazing, I'm hesitating because what if I’m the one person with the one marriage this doesn't “work” for?
    If you come with an open mind and commitment to your goals for yourself and your marriage, there is no way you won't get big results. I’ve never seen anyone who showed up to our calls and spent some time in the learning site not succeed! Often it happens way faster and more easily than they could've imaged, too! As many clients have said in their own words, my client Donna said 1 month into our time: "Though I was unsure if I could improve things in my marriage before taking the leap to coach with Hannah, the loving email I received from my husband yesterday--which took my breath away and made my heart skip a beat all at once-- was more than enough proof that the work I am doing on myself and our relationship in this program IS working--after only a month working with Hannah. " And by then end of our time together she reported: "When we first started there's no way I'd have believed I'd get to this point. It just blows my mind it's so good!" But I get it…I honestly used to have the same worries when it came to coaching programs. Time and again, my doubts about myself and my ability to reach my goals were proved wrong. My clients report the same! Because coaching works. It’s totally normal to doubt, but if you let that doubt decide for you, guess what will happen? You’re guaranteed to NOT reach your goal. Because you aren’t even trying. We never create what we want from self-doubt and fear. Instead, ask yourself, what if this DOES work for me? What if I'm so much more powerful than I'm giving myself credit for? And decide from there. If you’re really worried about this, please read this blog post Does Coaching Ever NOT work? Lastly, listen to this podcast to hear directly from past clients--HSP women Just like you-- about what changes they made happen with Hannah's process and coaching....And re-read the client stories in gold on the Treasured description page.
  • I'm really interested in doing this, but we don’t have an extra 2.2k set aside for this. Help?
    Yes, I have been there many times! Here’s what I've learned: We keep money for retirement and vacation and future things we may want or need – because we think that will create our happiness and security. But if we are miserable, if we are in pain, if our marriage is falling apart –IS that security and happiness? No. True happiness and security come from deep well-being inside of ourselves and our connections to the people who matter most to us.…When we create that inside ourselves and our marriages, everything good comes from there, including MORE financial well-being down the road. Check this podcast episode out for more, and this one too, because it’s just so important to make an informed decision that truly supports your wellbeing, security and wealth of both the tangible and intangible kinds! Whenever I am making a decision about investing in some coaching that costs more than I have or have budgeted for, I think about what it will cost me NOT to do it. Usually that's actually MORE than what it costs to do it! Meaning it’s A FINANCIAL LOSS NOT TO DO IT! This is especially true when it comes to our marriages. Did you know that the average cost of a divorce in the USA is 15-20K –not including any asset losses or any of the living costs after, like having two separate households (and let’s Not underestimate the lifelong expense–we could say it's about 2x as expensive as living in one household). And that’s not even thinking about the real emotional, mental, energetic, and HEALTH costs of either divorce or staying in an unhappy marriage! (Studies show that a happy marriage adds 4-8 years to your life and reduces risk of all those big scary diseases we all want to avoid!) Your marriage and your emotional well-being are 2 of the most precious assets in your entire life. Protecting them will give back for the rest of your life--in ways you may not even be able to imagine right now. In other words, the $2200 is a bargain for everything it gets you. Once you see that, it’s a no-brainer to simply set your mind to figuring out how to come up with the $. You are more resourceful than you know. Me and my past clients have solved for this ourselves with creativity (and been so surprised by how much easier it was than we thought). Some ways we came up with: gotten a zero% credit card with 15 months to pay it back, traded the bigger vacation we had planned for a smaller one, gotten a small part time job, borrowed from family, taken from retirement, sold a piece of furniture or something else of value, waited six more months for that car upgrade, cut back on other things we’re spending $ on to feel better bc we’re so unhappy (like alcohol and netflix!). You are super resourceful, and I know you can figure it out. Just think about how grateful your future self will be! Lastly, maybe the payment plan would be a good option for you ! Learn more by filling out the Great Mutual Fit form.
  • What if I have more questions or am still unsure if it’s the right fit for me?
    You can always email a pressing question to If you are interested in Treasured, but have a few questions or want to feel it out more, I recommend you first fill out the Great Mutual Fit form here, as it will help you get more clear and help Hannah discern if she thinks it might be right for you. From there, if you still have questions, we can make time for a conversation or use audio recordings to connect and answer any questions you may have to help you make the best decision for you!
  • Why is Treasured 4 months long?
    To create lasting change can take time. Some of this work is actually a re-wiring of your brain and a changing of habits--and learning a new dance, so to speak. All of which simply takes time, repetition and trouble-shooting. 4 months is a good amount of time to put down the roots of this change. And you may find, as many clients before you have done, that you want to repeat the process, or add some 1:1 calls, to further cement all the changes you are making. Anything shorter than 4 months is not sufficient time to honor what sustained change really entails ( and could potentially leave you worse off than before because you're left believing something's wrong with you or your marriage for not being able to sustain change). For some HSPs, 4 months will be just the right amount of time to give you the time your sensitive mind-body-heart system needs to HOLD the changes forever--and even get you to the place where they begin to escalate for the rest of your life. And for some of you, returning for another round will be perfect for you, so you can go at just the right pace for you and not feel pressure or overloaded. In Treasured, we also make sure YOU have the tools you need to continue to coach yourself for the rest of your life, so you aren't dependent on Hannah or a coach to improve things forever. 4 months is short for all that.
  • Can I talk to you to make sure this is right for me?
    Yes! I'm more than happy to hop on a quick call or use audio recordings to answer your questions and connect with you personally, and help you make an empowered decision about whether or not Treasured is right for you at this time. The first step is to fill out this form. Doing so will help you gain some clarity, and help me know if Treasured is a good fit for you. If it seems like it is, and you still have questions, we will talk!


Enlivening Your Marriage and Deepening Your Love

 A 6 month intimate group program for highly sensitive women



"When we first started there's no way I'd have believed I'd get to this point. It just blows my mind it's so good!” ~Donna, Client

Hannah Brooks Marraige and Relationship Coaching for Highly Sensitive people (HSP).

 A brief overview of the 4 Pillars of TREASURED, 
the process you will go through, which includes all the down-to-earth strategies you need to know exactly what to do today and beyond to make your marriage light, connected and alive with real lasting love.

Hannah Brooks Marraige and Relationship Coaching for Highly Sensitive people (HSP).
Hannah Brooks Marraige and Relationship Coaching for Highly Sensitive people (HSP).
Course Thumbnail TEMPLATE-Hannah Brooks Marraige and Relationship Coaching for Highly Sensitive people (HSP).


So you can feel more love, affection, and connection and make your marriage feel sweeter than ever

~Inspire your partner to want to please you and naturally show their love to you for delicious intimacy and a life of joy together.

~Invite the magical mystery and passion back into your relationship-- and keep it that way.

~ Solidify your sense of how deep your love is and the confidence that it will last and grow ever deeper over time.

~Tap into and revitalize the love and affection you once felt for your partner (but seems to have faded in the daze of daily living) so you can feel the joy of that again.

~Communicate with self-control, respect, and finesse so you can get your needs met without manipulation and both feel on the same team.

~Replace being drained by conflict with a feeling that disagreements and discussions actually support your growth and connection. 

~Feel nourished by the deep love, support, and refuge provided by your relationship so you can have way more energy to focus on things that matter to you.


So you can always have the agency to feel calm, secure, and valued and create the conditions for love to thrive

In simple doable stages you will:

~Build the most peaceful, confident, empowered relationship with your own big emotions-so you can handle them with ease and grace. 

~Learn how to always calm or eliminate anxiety, worry, and strong reactions, so you feel deeply calm and at ease throughout the day. Because when you are feeling good and centered in your big sensitive heart, three will be way more light-heartedness, laughter, connection and joy in your  relationship.

~Find healthy effective ways to get your true emotional needs met and enhance your ability to feel safe to be seen for who you really are and receive the love you are given.

~Heal wounds around love and finally feel you are so very lovable and totally treasured for being  you.

~Take total control over how comforted, secure, loved and loving you feel in your relationship--forever.

Hannah Brooks Marraige and Relationship Coaching for Highly Sensitive people (HSP).
4 pillars overview
Hannah Brooks Marraige and Relationship Coaching for Highly Sensitive people (HSP).

So you can experience your sensitivity as an asset and start using it to make your marriage better today.

In baby steps you will:

 ~Put your focus on where it counts by developing a super clear awareness and understanding of your underlying feelings, thoughts, and nervous systems states that are keeping you from harnessing your power of loving influence in your marriage–so you CAN START harnessing it!

~ start seeing how your sensitivity is actually an asset in love, and how to start tapping into it to make your marriage way better than average  (hint, by honoring and supporting your sensitive nervous system, as a starting place!)

~begin to build an unshakable sense of self-assurance, worth, and confidence—so you can feel you always have someone on your side who loves and supports you through thick and thin.

~ and more…


So you can feel how much power you have to make your marriage

loving and supportive

Step by step you will learn the tools and develop the skills to:

​~Learn where real sustained happiness in love actually comes from and how much power you have to start creating more of it right away.

​~Root out irritability, resentment, and other upsetting emotions and handle your strong feelings in the most healthy way, so you can move past conflict and upset with ease --an amazing skill for all aspects of life! 

~Feel your power to lead your relationship to more love  by taking charge of your own lizard brain, so you no longer unintentionally fall into more and more disenchantment and hurt in your relationship and instead deliberately guide your OWN mind and emotions so you can enhance the love, connection, safety, security and sense of teamship in your marriage. 


~Be an empowered and loving advocate for yourself and your relationship by creating clear and healthy boundaries and making loving decisions that eradicate harmful behaviors and increase loving reciprocation from both you and your partner's ends, so you can feel more trust, ease, respect, and tenderness between you

To join, please set aside 10 minutes to fill out the Mutual Great Fit Form by clicking the join button above. Hannah will get back to you within 48 hours with the final steps to enroll.

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