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Enlivening Your Marriage and Deepening Your Love

 A 6 month intimate group program for highly sensitive women

"When we first started there's no way I'd have believed I'd get to this point. It just blows my mind it's so good!” ~Donna, Client

 A brief overview of the 4 Pillars of TREASURED, 
the process you will go through, which includes all the down-to-earth strategies you need to know exactly what to do today and beyond to make your marriage light, connected and alive with real lasting love.

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So you can feel more love, affection, and connection and make your marriage feel sweeter than ever

~Inspire your partner to want to please you and naturally show their love to you for delicious intimacy and a life of joy together.

~Invite the magical mystery and passion back into your relationship-- and keep it that way.

~ Solidify your sense of how deep your love is and the confidence that it will last and grow ever deeper over time.

~Tap into and revitalize the love and affection you once felt for your partner (but seems to have faded in the daze of daily living) so you can feel the joy of that again.

~Communicate with self-control, respect, and finesse so you can get your needs met without manipulation and both feel on the same team.

~Replace being drained by conflict with a feeling that disagreements and discussions actually support your growth and connection. 

~Feel nourished by the deep love, support, and refuge provided by your relationship so you can have way more energy to focus on things that matter to you.


So you can always have the agency to feel calm, secure, and valued and create the conditions for love to thrive

In simple doable stages you will:

~Build the most peaceful, confident, empowered relationship with your own big emotions-so you can handle them with ease and grace. 

~Learn how to always calm or eliminate anxiety, worry, and strong reactions, so you feel deeply calm and at ease throughout the day. Because when you are feeling good and centered in your big sensitive heart, three will be way more light-heartedness, laughter, connection and joy in your  relationship.

~Find healthy effective ways to get your true emotional needs met and enhance your ability to feel safe to be seen for who you really are and receive the love you are given.

~Heal wounds around love and finally feel you are so very lovable and totally treasured for being  you.

~Take total control over how comforted, secure, loved and loving you feel in your relationship--forever.

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4 pillars overview
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So you can experience your sensitivity as an asset and start using it to make your marriage better today.

In baby steps you will:

 ~Put your focus on where it counts by developing a super clear awareness and understanding of your underlying feelings, thoughts, and nervous systems states that are keeping you from harnessing your power of loving influence in your marriage–so you CAN START harnessing it!

~ start seeing how your sensitivity is actually an asset in love, and how to start tapping into it to make your marriage way better than average  (hint, by honoring and supporting your sensitive nervous system, as a starting place!)

~begin to build an unshakable sense of self-assurance, worth, and confidence—so you can feel you always have someone on your side who loves and supports you through thick and thin.

~ and more…


So you can feel how much power you have to make your marriage

loving and supportive

Step by step you will learn the tools and develop the skills to:

​~Learn where real sustained happiness in love actually comes from and how much power you have to start creating more of it right away.

​~Root out irritability, resentment, and other upsetting emotions and handle your strong feelings in the most healthy way, so you can move past conflict and upset with ease --an amazing skill for all aspects of life! 

~Feel your power to lead your relationship to more love  by taking charge of your own lizard brain, so you no longer unintentionally fall into more and more disenchantment and hurt in your relationship and instead deliberately guide your OWN mind and emotions so you can enhance the love, connection, safety, security and sense of teamship in your marriage. 


~Be an empowered and loving advocate for yourself and your relationship by creating clear and healthy boundaries and making loving decisions that eradicate harmful behaviors and increase loving reciprocation from both you and your partner's ends, so you can feel more trust, ease, respect, and tenderness between you

To join, please set aside 10 minutes to fill out the Mutual Great Fit Form by clicking the join button above. Hannah will get back to you within 48 hours with the final steps to enroll.

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