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Tending Your Trauma and Nervous System Responses With Karen C.L. Anderson

Often, for highly sensitive people, trauma is or has been a part of our lives, and can have a negative impact on our relationships.

But trauma and autonomic nervous systems responses to stressful events do not have to dictate our lives and keep us locked into painful reactions and patterns, as, Karen C.L. Anderson (a master-certified life coach and author who helps women use the troubled relationships they have with their mothers as a catalyst for their own growth), and I dive into in this episode.

We discuss that there are various ways to work with trauma and help heal the nervous system, making it more resilient and responsive, instead of reactive. We give you some basic essential understandings and tools to help you begin unwinding it, so you can feel more at ease in your skin and in all your relationships.

With personal stories and candid conversation, in this episode, we help you:

  • Understand what trauma is and isn’t (this can easily get confused)

  • Decipher when you may need a trauma specialists help

  • Grasp how, rather than something to be ashamed of, trauma is a very normal human thing (this is so important to understand, and we share why)

  • Understand why you may feel and act how you do with your loved ones (so you can reduce any guilt about it!)

  • Identify how your nervous system stress responses may look, and how they may show up in your closest relationships, so you can have way more self- awareness and the knowledge to begin making healing shifts

  • Ways to kindly and lovingly tend to your own nervous system and gently begin unwinding trauma patterns

Often, when we learn we may have trauma, we feel stuck with it, helpless to change things. We want you to know that that is not so, and you have so much more agency over your own mind-body-heart system than you may feel right now.

Join us to start making the littlest changes that will add up to feeling so much more at peace and in control of your mind, emotions, nervous system-- and ultimately your marriage and other relationships.

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