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How You Can Inspire Him To Improve Your Marriage

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

I’ve taught my husband so much about being in a loving relationship from all I know as a relationship coach— talking about them, having conflicts and breakthroughs and LIVING out (modeling) what I know. Now HE reminds ME of the things I taught him when I have my very human moments of forgetting! This is SO FUN!  Because now I have help in continuing to make our marriage even better:

  • Now, every single time we slip into normal human drama one of us easily helps bring us back to connection and closeness.

  • Now, he asks for connection time, when I don’t even have it on my radar.

  • Now, he plans dates and surprises for me.

  • Now he initiates those deep, honest, loving, conversations that restore closeness after conflict or misunderstandings.

This is what happens when we take the initiative to learn how to be in charge of our own selves and our love lives-- to Lead Love in our marriages: We end up transferring that ability to our partner.

So eventually he starts leading love, too My clients often report that once they've started to work with me and made real progress in themselves and how they show up in their marriage, it has inspired their husband to do the same.  For example: ~He starts being more affectionate, or planning dates

~He finally reaches for his first relationship book , and is talking excitedly to her about--and trying out--some tactics!  ~He joins a coaching session or two with me and his partner willingly.  ~He goes and gets the therapy that he always resisted getting --by his own volition!  ~He starts admitting where he’s making things harder than they could be and works to change it. I know it feels miraculous to my clients when they see this happening, and sometimes it still feels miraculous to me!  But it is simply the law of nature: we influence those around us with our energy. We lead, they join. And that's when marriage goes from hard or just okay, to feeling amazing.

To set such a positive cycle going and for the quickest, deepest and most lasting and big change in your marriage, come coach with me in Treasured. Learn more here.


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