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  • Hannah

Your Words Won't Matter If You Neglect This

Updated: Dec 29, 2019

If you tend to feel misunderstood, disconnected, resentful, uncared for, or upset with you significant other often, that's having an affect on how you are communicating and interacting with him, of course.

Here’s a story about how what’s going on inside of us--our emotional state-- has a real impact on our significant other, and how it gives rise to the way he reacts to us and interacts with us, for better or worse...It will empower you to have much more influence over how your relationship feels. Click video to watch.

I'm offering this free training, "From Conflict To Connection; 10 Areas Communication Backfires and What Actually Works To Get What You Want In Love” so you can have the best chance at creating the understanding and connection in your relationship that great communication skills bring. Make sure to catch it before it comes down.

Here's how:

1) Head over to our private women-only Facebook group, where you can access it. (If you haven’t yet joined yet, do so here --you’ll need to answer the very short join questions to be approved).

2) To access all 3 parts of the training you can simply click the Videos tab on the left sidebar, and get started viewing and participating in them to get the most out of them.

As you heard in the video, communication is much more effective when we know how to “come from” a solid place emotionally/energetically. It's way more than just words.

In this training we go deep into what you need to know to communicate from that effective place inside you that leads to understanding, ease between you, and even closeness. Don't miss it!

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