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3 Keys To Stop Taking Things So Personally In Your Relationship As An Hsp

Ever felt that stinging (or punch-in-the-gut) feeling when your partner says or does something hurtful? Or maybe it’s something he doesn't do that leads to you feeling like he just doesn’t care. Like you don’t matter. Like you aren’t loved.

For highly sensitive women, this is oh-so-common.

It may very well be true that your partner could be more skillful in his interactions with you. At the same time, so much of the hurt you feel in these moments comes from taking things personally.

Which you can put an end to NOW.

And you want to. Because taking things personally doesn't just hurt–it costs us big time in our intimate relationships, leading to all sorts of AVOIDABLE pain and diminishment of affection and connection.

The good news is you can learn to not take things so personally. And it will free you up to have way more of the support, connection and loving intimacy you want with your partner. Listen in as I share how.

I used to take all sorts of things personally, and it hurt me and my marriage. I spent years learning how to put an end to that unnecessary pain, and replace it with the closeness, ease and love I want between my husband and I. I want that for you to.

In this episode, I dive into 3 big keys to stop taking things so personally so you can less hurt and more love everyday of your life.

And don't miss the announcement about the FREE event I'm hosting to make taking things personally a thing of the past for you.

Listen in to find out how you can, too!

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