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8 Tips For A Better Traveling Experience With Your (Non-HSP) Husband

As Highly Sensitive People, traveling or even day adventures can pose some extra challenges, (i.e, be hard)--especially when traveling with a non-HSP partner.

But, seeing new places, visiting loved ones, and having a change of scenery are not only things many of us would like to do, but things that actually benefit us and our marriage if navigated in a way that honors our sensitivity.

So how do we approach trip-taking in a way that WORKS for us sensitives, and makes them really enjoyable for both ourselves AND our partner?

In this practical episode, you will learn 8 specific things you can do to make any trip with your partner so much easier, more connecting, and more fun, and even return to “regular life” feeling refreshed (instead of like you need a vacation from your vacation!)

We cover:

  • The challenges many of us HSP’s face when it comes to getting out in the world and traveling--especially when our partner is along for the ride.

  • The effects of overstimulation on our mood and ability to engage well, and why it’s so common for highly sensitive people when we travel

  • Ways to work with your partner’s higher interest for go-go-going and seeing and doing all the things, and your need for decompression, so you both feel happy and satisfied with your trip.

  • Ways to think intentionally, plan ahead, and things to bring to make your time the most relaxed, refreshing, joyful adventure possible.

  • The most important thing to know about communicating to your partner about your travel needs as an HSP

  • The positive impact on our marriage and for all involved when we tend lovingly to our sensitivity when we are away from home

I illustrate this whole thing with stories and my own personal learnings from my recent anniversary trip with my husband, which started off hard, but wound up being deeply connecting and fun for both of us.

Listen in to learn how you can have the same experience on all your future travels.

(Not seeing your preferred podcast listening platform? It's on most, so go search it there!)




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