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Micro-Repairs and Re-Directs For a Better Relationship

There are many “micro” things you can do on a regular basis to keep your relationship strong (and so you don't need larger “interventions” that take a lot more time and energy in order to get things back on track). 

And a very important one? Micro repairs. Today we dive into just how to make them, as well as how to make micro re-directs that will help stop a downhill-heading interaction in its tracks. 

These are mini skills that you want to be able to do easily, because, in all relationships–even healthy ones– there will be moments of micro-rupture, when the sweetness of connection between you gets disrupted by reactivity, or normal human unskillfulness. 

But these won't hurt your relationship as long as you make repairs when they happen–even if you weren't the one who “started” the rupture. 

So listen in as I share when, why, and how to make these micro repairs, and give you the exact words to do so effectively. 

You'll come away with the knowledge to easily mend any little rift between you and your spouse and also the best chance of your partner getting good at making these repairs, as well, so you will never be in discord for long as a couple, and can easily get back to connection, affection, and a palpable sense of love between you. Dive in.

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