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Should Pain

Often feel a little (or a lot) irritated, annoyed, disdainful or indignant, frustrated, exasperated, resentful, or disappointed with your partner? Or just generally hardened against this person you ultimately really want to feel soft and open to?

This is likely what I call “Should Pain.”

Although very normal to the human brain, Should Pain is one of biggest barriers to love in our marriages. It feels bad to both you and your partner when either of you are struggling with it.

Worse, it can run rampant for many of us when left unchecked, and can lead to a culture between you and your significant other of disrespect, non-understanding, tension, and unhappiness.

Luckily, Should Pain is “curable” — from within yourself (meaning, your hubby doesn’t need to do anything to make it go away, which is super good news!). And the cure has to do with sensitivity — which you, HSP friend, are a master of.

So join me today as we dive into just what Should Pain is, where it comes from, and what you can do about it to begin to loosen its grip in your marriage, so you can feel open again to love and connection, communicate more effectively, and show up in a way you feel really good about.

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