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THE STOP TAKING IT SO PERSONALLY CHALLENGE; 7 days to less hurt and more love in your relationship

You know the feeling when your partner doesn’t seem to really be listening or care when you’re sharing something close to your heart? Or if he says something critical about you? Most likely it leads to you feeling small, unimportant, invisible, not valued, and uncomfortable in your own skin.  If so, it’s because you're taking it personally. And taking things personally hurts. It just feels awful. Like the one who’s supposed to care about you the most in the world doesn’t. To make matters worse, when we women feel those feelings a lot we end up with more distance and disconnection in our partnership.  Which is exactly the opposite of what most of us deeply desire and cherish: Closeness. A sense of mutual understanding, of being allies in life together with our significant other. The sweetness of loving intimacy. So those of us who are prone to taking things quite personally and feeling hurt easily (raise your hands HSPs!) need to learn how to stop taking things so personally.  So a stinging comment can roll off of you like water off a duck's back, or at least feels less intense. So you can respond in a way that increases understanding and connection in your partnership instead of diminishing it.

So that you can sensitively mend rifts, iron out the kinks, and lead the relationship back to the supportive loving one you and your partner both want--and make your marriages into the most nourishing zone in your life. That’s why I’m offering THE STOP TAKING IT SO PERSONALLY CHALLENGE; 7 days to feel less hurt and more love in your relationship.  It starts Monday, June 29th. And it's free to participate. It's happening over in my free Facebook Group, Better Love For Sensitive Women. To join us, click here and answer the 3 simple join questions. That’s it! You’re in.

What is The Stop Taking It So Personally Challenge? ~7 days together.  ~You and me and a group of other supportive caring sensitive women who feel deeply and want to stop letting that be a problem in their personal lives and marriage.  ~Proven tools and tricks to stop feeling so awful when your partner is insensitive. To reduce hurt feelings and even eliminate them entirely. So you can feel like you really do matter. To your partner, to yourself and in the world. So your relationship can feel so much more loving. Like you and your partner in this together. After all, isn’t that why you signed up to be in a committed relationship? JOIN US HERE!


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