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  • Hannah

What Happened When I Felt More At Ease With Conflict

My relationship changed for the better in a big way after I had a big insight about what I believed conflict meant. This is my story, and the second post in a series of three about how to handle conflict more easily --so you can enjoy more connection and affection with your partner. (Learn about the important perspective shift I mention in the video that plants the seed for big changes here.)

If you'd like to handle the inevitable conflicts that arise in your relationship better--and even de-escalate them quickly-- watch this video (and then answer the questions below). It will help you put an end to the pain and drama and actually help you feel closer to your I do to my husband.

What unhelpful stories have you told yourself about conflict? When it happens, what do you think it means about you? About your partner? About your relationship? Get curious, like a scientist. Then tell us in the comments below. It will help us all to see what kinds of stories other people are telling themselves about conflict, and help us stop taking them too seriously.

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