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"A 180!" Sonya's Story of Coaching With Hannah {Video}

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

My client Sonya created this video to share with you her experience of coaching with me—and what she suggests you consider if you're on the fence of whether to do Treasured now or not. (Even if you just watch the first 2 minutes, you'll take get a great sense of her experience, but her full story is really fun!) Click to watch:

Sonya is a classic highly sensitive woman--AMAZING--just like you.

I hope you will be the next one to choose to create such a "180" in your life and love life! Treasured is your chance to make that happen starting NOW.

TODAY IS YOUR VERY LAST CHANCE TO JOIN TREASURED (or to work with me in any capacity for the next several months). Doors close tonight at midnight PST.

I would love to have YOU be part of this life and marriage transforming journey.

The love you want is waiting for you to claim it. Your are worth it. Join us here.


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