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Love For The Long-Term; A Convo With My Husband

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

It’s episode 100!!! And we are celebrating with a special conversation with my very own husband about what it takes for you, as a sensitive person, and your partner to have a marriage you LOVE for the long-haul.

He and I dive into a few of our keys to keeping our marriage “real-enchanted” (fun, passionate, and loving despite being real–and flawed– humans living real, messy lives.) We cover:

  • How we have a marriage we both feel so good in–and yet, we still experience real human relationship difficulties at times. But we let those times bring us closer together, instead of further apart–and how you can do this, too.

  • How we went through a hard phase this summer and what we learned from it together and individually–that is so relevant for all HSP couples.

  • How we choose to focus on what we love about each other more than what we don’t like so much–and how you can do this, too.

  • How, throughout our marriage, we have continued to keep alive a sense of excitement and eagerness about our future together–and how you can do this, too.

Join us for this light-hearted but serious conversation with a real-life couple who truly loves the marriage they have created! You’ll laugh and go aha right along with us.

If you missed episode 25, Interview With My Husband: Growing An Amazing Marriage With An HSP give that a listen, too.

To help me CELEBRATE this 100th episode, if you’ve been enjoying this podcast, please leave a review on apple podcasts. Thank you so much and cheers!

Listen in to find out how you can, too!

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