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  • Hannah

Do You See "Sensitive" For The Gift It Really Is?

Have you been ever been told you're "too sensitive", as if it's a bad thing? Have you been made to feel silly, or not good enough because you feel things deeply, take things seriously, get hurt easily, or care "too much"?

The word sensitive has a bad rap...or it used to. So you may be sensitive to being called sensitive! That's because many people haven't been able to understand the term "sensitive" for what it really is: a full spectrum of very important qualities.

"Sensitive" should NOT have a bad rap! Here's what all women, Highly Sensitive or not, must know in order to embrace sensitivity in yourself, for the good of your love life and the health of our world. Click the image to watch the video.

Whether you are an HSP or not, you DO have sensitivity -- and that is a wonderful thing! We need MORE sensitivity! More sensitive people, more growing and showing of those aspects of ourselves, instead of repressing them.

I hope you can now see that sensitivity isn't the nemesis it's made out to be. It's actually a super power--a deeply needed gift to our relationships and the world.

To learn more about how sensitivity affects relationships (and learn if you may be a Highly Sensitive Person), see a list I've compiled of 31 Ways Being Sensitive Can Affect Your Love Life .

Or watch this video about 10+ strengths of sensitive people that are incredible assets to having a deeply connected, loving, lasting committed relationship.

I'd like to know: what has your relationship been with the term sensitive in the past? How do you want to feel about your sensitive self?

Share your answers in the comments below.

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