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  • Hannah

If You Could Do Anything

Remember as a kid when you believed you could do or be anything?

Why do so many of us stop dreaming big as we grow?

Today I want to tell you that dreams really do come true. Especially when you call them goals. I've found this takes them out of that dreamy "someday maybe-so-maybe-not" realm and makes it easier to take steps to move towards them.

For quite some years I put a big damper on my dreams. I stopped believing much was possible beyond what already was. I was pretty unhappy. I felt so stuck.

But in these past years I've changed all that. I've made so many dreams of mine happen. A happy marriage. Laughing children. A beautiful cozy home in a wonderful town. An amazingly meaningful career. And, now, I'm including once again TRAVEL to places I love. I’m so excited.

For the past decade I’ve had a dream to go away every winter (they are looong here in VT and I get SAD). But most years when Fall arrives it’s been, “maybe next year”. . . When we weren’t building a house, or having a baby, or paying back that loan— the excuses are endless. Every March I regret not having found a sunny warm spot for a couple weeks that winter. I regret not having made that dream into reality.

This is my LIFE, though. I want to live it the way I DREAM it. I CHOOSE to. Yes, it may take some work, some effort, some discomfort. But the dream is more than worth it.

For me, there's no longer an excuse for not going after what makes us come truly alive.

There's no good reason not to pursue your dreams. The worst that can happen is you end up where you are now. Not satisfied. It only gets better from here.

Especially when it comes to love. We are built for love. So what if it hasn't come easily? So what if you have been hurt? It's what you are born for. You can get so good at it. Even if you haven't yet felt how easy and magic it can be.

Listen. If you want it, stop "someday-ing" yourself. Don’t just wait for your dreams to happen “when it works out”. WORK IT OUT. Claim it. Make it a goal. Create it by taking one step at a time towards it.

This is your LIFE. Live it. Love it.

What’s the big dream YOU keep finding excuses for not doing? What would you have to believe to stop putting it off? Maybe, "It's possible"? How's it feel to think THAT?

I've had so many dreams. When I decided to believe they were possible I made them into goals. Took concrete steps towards them. And now they're my reality.

Like taking our 3 kids to my favorite place on earth for a couple weeks. Our house and flight are booked. It’s just the beginning of many more winters in the sun. My heart lifts. I'm ridiculously happy.

Here's to YOUR Dreams!

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