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How Perimenopause Is A Powerful Time To Grow Closer As A Couple

If you're a woman between the ages of 35 and 55, you are going to want to catch this episode–and bring your spouse! Because this is a big transitional time for women and couples of this age range. And, even though the hormonal shifts that happen during this time have a bad rep, they actually bring along with them a big opportunity to grow the love, supportiveness, connection in your marriage, as well as start your “second spring” in life and love.

In this episode, I bring on Bria Gadd, a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, holistic health coach, and personal trainer who specializes in female hormones, to talk about it all with me, and dish out her wisdom on how to use this time to benefit your marriage. 

Studies show that in 69% of divorces, it’s women who are the ones to initiate it. And often this is because in midlife, as hormones are shifting, many women start to feel like they want more, like they no longer want to settle for the same old same old in their relationship and life. If you don't understand what is happening, or how to support yourself in this time, like most women don't, (because the research is very new!), it can lead to a much harder time in your life and marriage!

But when you, and ideally your spouse, too , get educated about this perimenopausal time of life, it will allow you to work with yourself and your spouse to navigate this time in a way that can birth the best times of your marriage.

So listen in as Bria and I discuss all of that as well as:

  • What we tend to struggle with during this time (no, you are NOT alone!!) 

  • What is really going on for us women hormonally in these years, and how it affects us.

  • How this time's a call to really self-educate and learn how to best support yourself

  • Bria’s 4 pillars of what you need to thrive during this time and beyond, both physiologically and emotionally, 

  • How to start healing form  hormonal imbalances and the exact starting places for you to get going today to avoid hormonal chaos, such as impatience, irritability, anxiety, insomnia, weight gain, lowered libido, and more, that can negatively impact your relationship and whole life at this time, and begin to truly thrive like never before in your life.

 Although the most important thing during this time is YOUR OWN elf-support in very specific ways, when your partner understands what's really going on during this time, too, they can help support you through it, so you can both LOVE this (long) period of time of your lives, and beyond. This episode is the beginning of that.

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