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From Feeling Alone To Being a Loving Team in Marriage; Kathy’s Story

After 32 years of marriage, and the help of many different marriage counselors,  Kathy was looking at apartments and thinking of a future without her husband.

She just could hardly imagine being happy with him again. Nor did he seem interested in getting help for his side of the issue they had between them.

But, after just a week or two of starting her work with me, not only did she start to feel really different, her husband started responding to her differently, too.

 And as she kept up her work on her side of the street, on how she was relating to him, guess what? He started to make bigger changes on his end, and even seek out support for himself.

So now they were both experiencing and building in more love between them and collaborating on creating a great future together, one where they are both getting their needs and wants met  harmoniously and happily.

How did Kathy do this? She tells us in this conversation where we discuss it all, as well as:

  • How she’d been through lots of other sessions with other professionals that didn't change things, but how pleasantly surprised she was when she started to focus on herself, on who she is, on her own thoughts, and what she wanted to bring to the relationship, that things really–and suddenly–changed.

  • How she freed herself from long-held resentment and finally got her husband on board to follow through on a promise he made and help her achieve a life-long dream of hers

  • Why, after listening to the podcast without much change, working directly with me  made all the difference

  • What she did to get her hubby on board to improve things between them together.

  • How developing better boundaries (of two types), and learning how to “insource her value” made her marriage and all sorts of relationships in her life better

  • What being part of a group coaching program was like for her as someone who is “not a group person”

  • How no longer thinking of her sensitivity as something that was wrong with her, and learning how to honor the needs it brings, lead to just generally being happier and more carefree in her life. 

Kathy drops many bits of wisdom and insights for any HSP who is not as happy as they want to be in their relationship, and we cover quite a few universal issues and solutions for highly sensitive relationships, so listen in. 

This is such a great story for anyone wanting to not be alone in   working to improve your marriage, and  to understand what it takes to get your partner on board to collaborate on bettering your relationship together.

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