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1 proven way you can feel more connection

You can become someone who feels connection and love easily, readily, on demand.

Let me explain with a quick story:

Lying in bed the other night with my mans arms around me, the windows open, crickets chirping, warm breeze blowing... I just let all the sweet joyful ease and connection I felt in my body sink into me... I was a sea sponge in a bath.

Now that feeling is a deeper part of me. It’s more accessible, reachable.

I can reach the hand of my mind back to it and pull it gently forefront, right now, and feel it in this


This is one of the ways we create our feelings, how we become someone with MORE of the feelings we want.

We build them into the fabric of our being. We wire them into our brain. On purpose. By turning towards them.

By feeling into them. By staying with them and soaking them into our cells...for longer than we would instinctively.. (For 12 -30 seconds or more.)

Sounds a bit woo. But it’s neuroscience.

Soak in the love you feel. The little moments of spontaneous joy and delight. The fleeting moments of connectedness.

They will swell inside you bigger, more reachable, until they are like the sea beneath the waves.

Always right there to dip into, to float and rest in.



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