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10 Beliefs To Improve Your Marriage

What we sensitive people believe about our marriages, partner, and the things that go on between us deeply impact our relationship.

In this episode, I share 10 beliefs that will truly improve your marriage in the best of ways (and what things will be like if you don't believe them--you may be able to identify yourself here). These beliefs have made all the difference in my own marriage and my clients, too. I selected them knowing specifically which key beliefs we highly sensitive women tend to be weak in, and which ways of thinking help us and our relationships most.

Once you adopt these beliefs --even a little bit more ---you will:

  • have a much easier time with conflict

  • feel so much more secure and stable in your relationship

  • free yourself up to enjoy your partner so much more

  • give yourself permission to do more of what you want to do in your life

  • make a bigger difference in the world

  • and feel better about your marriage --and yourself--than you ever have.

You’ll also begin to learn how to intentionally develop beliefs that really serve your marriage and bring you way more happiness in love and life.

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10 Beliefs That Will Improve Your Marriage

#1. Taking care of me is taking care of us.

#2. Our love is big enough to hold the moments of difficulty the way the vast ocean holds a tiny white cap.

#3. Constructive conflict leads to more understanding and closeness and an even stronger marriage.

#4. Saying no is sometimes the best gift to the relationship.

#5. I can’t control him. I can only control, me... and that is everything!

#6. It’s not his job to love and accept everything about me. It’s my job. When I take that job seriously my marriage thrives.

#7. Being the best person I possibly can in my marriage brings me the kind of fulfillment I can’t get from anyone else: pride and joy that’s equal to, if not better than, being loved by someone else!

#8. Putting work into my marriage is a privilege and one of the best things I can do to make a deeply valuable contribution here on earth.

#9. Having a marriage that I love is way more valuable than money in the bank, because I derive true joy from it (which is the point of having money, anyway).

#10. My happiness with my partner is the foundation for everything else that I want in my life. It’s like giving me a pair of wings from which to soar into all the other areas of life I want to.



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