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  • By Hannah

How to Not Take Things Personally

Over the coming weeks and months I will be doing a video series on “Self-Responsibility”. I believe that being able to take responsibility for your experience in your life is the number one key to having a healthy, loving, and fun relationship with your partner.

This is a big topic. So I thought we would explore different aspects of it in bite-sized pieces via video, and perhaps written words and stories, too, as part of the biweekly Connection Compass.

Enjoy this video (and the little story in it!) that begins to answer the question, “How do I take things less personally?” Check out part 2 here.

What are you taking personally lately? To chime in on how this tip takes the edge off any hurt you may feel due to others behaviors (or not!), or what works for you, post a comment below. I'd love to help support you further.

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