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  • Hannah

YOU are the One.

You are the one. You are the one with the power to create the relationship you want. Even if you think it is all your partner's fault that things are hard right now. It is within your power to shift things into a place of harmony and fun again.

How could this be so? How could only one person in the relationship make such a difference? Listen to the 6 minute podcast I made below to hear a couple stories about how this happens. And how you can get texts like this one my man just sent me:

My clients and I have all had the experience that when we step into the driver seat of our relationship (and I don't mean in a dominating way!) we watch miracles happen in our love life.

I made the podcast episode below for you because I want you to have that peaceful, joyful, intimate relationship you really want. You deserve it. The world deserves it! I believe the world needs many many more healthy loving relationships. Don't you? Because peace starts in our own hearts, and in our own families.

You have so much more power than you realize to make that happen. Listen now to learn how.

You can download this onto your phone or ipod and listen while doing something else.( I love listening to podcasts while I take a walk.) Or listen right now. It's short, and inspiring.

(And yes, as my 13 year old said, I do look kinda dorky in the photo. But I'm okay with dorky, because I'm happy and adored! You can feel this way too, especially when you really get it that you make your love and life what it is.)

Then tell me about you. Have you had any experiences you that showed you have more power in your life than you thought? Do tell! Comment below!

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